18 – 24 May 2020

This week in our garden, the Plant of The Moment is rhododendrons.  May certainly is a great month for rhododendrons in Scotland.

Last year, on 23 December, I was at a garden centre buying some last-minute Christmas gifts, when I noticed some rhododendrons that were reduced in price.

The one I chose had a picture on the label showing red flowers. It looked like a healthy plant, but I guess it was reduced because the pot was broken, and the compost looked a little shrunken.  Still, it had lots of flower buds on it, so I was very happy to buy it.

Our poor rhododendron sat in its pot all through the winter, and through most of the spring.  A couple of weeks ago, in spite of being completely neglected, it started to flower.

Beautiful pink flowers!

Pink rhododendron flowers

Pink rhododendron flowers

Well, the colour was a surprise, but the flowers are definitely lovely.

Hopefully I will be able to plant it out soon, and I might even treat it to some ericaceous compost.

I have heard that the best place to buy rhododendrons in the UK is from Glendoick Garden Centre. I haven’t bought from them before as it’s a bit of a drive to Perth, but would love to visit them soon.

Welcome to our garden, little rhododendron.

Do you have rhododendrons growing in your garden?

What else is looking great at this time of year where you are? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your garden!